Heart Encounter



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ISBN 978-0993228919

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Like a tidal wave, the effects of childhood sexual abuse can saturate an adult throughout their life. This Guided Visualisation Audio CD has been produced to allow the choice of time and space in the safety in ones own environment where disturbance can be minimal and relaxation can be attained in order to feel the letting go of many painful memories.

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Heart Encounter (Audio CD + MP3 Download) Guided Visualisation for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault (ISBN 978-0993228919)

Heart Encounter  – This Guided Visualisation has been produced to assist those affected by childhood sexual assault, grooming and sexual violation in any way, in order to find some peace and release from what they have endured. This production is not intended to treat or cure any psychological response from the trauma of rape and sexual violence or assault. It is intended as a stepping-stone along the passage of healing and recovery. For adult victims of childhood sexual violation, the aftermath can often be devastating and lead to many psychological difficulties. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and associated symptoms is a collection of psychological and physical signs, symptoms and reactions. It is common to many adult victims of childhood sexual attacks, but which can also occur for months or years afterwards. Guided imagery, which is sometimes called guided meditation, visualisation, mental rehearsal and/or guided self-hypnosis. It is a gentle but effectively potent technique, which focuses the mind positively.

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